Sunday, December 18, 2016

"See you later"

This baby girl is affectionate, silly, playful and stubborn.

When she came to us five months ago, she did not walk or talk, or eat solid food. We got to be there for a whole lot of firsts: first steps, first words, first ice cream cone, first trip to the beach, and many more. My kids openly and transparently welcomed her without hesitation. They have loved her just as much as if she had been born to us.

But she was not born into our family. Her family has seen struggles and hardship. However, there will be a happy ending to her story. This week, she will be reunited with her family. Just in time for Christmas. She'll get to celebrate this joyous holiday with her sister, who she hasn't seen in months, and other relatives who love her and will continue to love and nuture her as she grows.

So as we prepare for her to leave our house, there will be tears. There will be frustration, acting out, and even some anger. There will be sadness and grieving for the lost of a foster daughter, a sister, and playmate. But we know that
she will be safe and loved. She will continue to grow and thrive because of the healthy attachments and connections that she has made during her time with us.

This isn't goodbye. We'll see you later, baby girl.

Merry Christmas.

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