Monday, May 31, 2010

Smells like a flower, stings like a bee.

Hannah got her first bee sting today, Memorial Day 2010.
She was outside with her daddy, smelling the flowers in the front yard. Apparently someone stepped on the bee's nest and irritated them. Mike got stung first, on his toe. He told Hannah there were bees, and that she should run into the house, where it was safe. But she was so scared and panicked that she refused to move. Consequently, Hannah got stung next, on her shoulder. (I am so thankful that Aliah didn't get stung!)

Hannah acted like this bee sting was a major medical trauma. She wailed and got so upset that Aliah started in on it, too.

I tried to make this a lesson in obedience: "Hannah, when Mommy and Daddy tell you something, you need to obey. Right away." But she isn't ready to hear that quite yet.

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Lisa said...

Ouch! Bee stings are no fun!