Monday, March 22, 2010

family drama

Got home from Maryland tonight. It was a good trip.
Hannah and Aliah had so much fun playing with my family.

Family drama: 22 yo brother has a new gf. Not surprised. The interesting thing is that she comes with some baggage. She is divorced and has two kids, ages 3 and 2. The story is that she got married straight out of high school, at age 17, to her long-time bf (who was a friend of my brother's), who was enlisted in the military. She immediately got "accidentally" pregnant. The second child was born 12 months later (ok, that was most certainly an accident). Soon after that, the husband kind of floated out of the picture.... cheating? abuse? Not sure about that part. But she is a 20-year-old divorced, single mom. Wow. And my completely self-centered, irresponsible, perpetually unemployed brother is totally head-over-heels for her. This is major stuff, people! Maybe it will do both of them some good. Who knows. Although I REALLY cannot see my brother as a father-figure kind of role model for her kids right now.... He definitely has learned some manners in the last year or two, but he is still unemployed, mooching off mommy and daddy, and seems to have absolutely no ambition to get a job or move out on his own. I wonder where New GF lives? With her parents? Im not sure.

Now it is 9:45 and I am so exhausted that Im going to crawl into bed and try to stay there for a very, very long time. Mike is working the night shift this week, so we wont get much time with him until Saturday :(


Lisa said...

Who knows what God has in store for your brother. He DOES promise to use all things for the good of those who love Him... you may be learning through this just by observing God's mercy and kindness to your brother through this season! God doesn't seem to think it would do good to anyone by wiping your brother off the face of the earth, nor his girlfriend. God must love him and have a plan for him. Keep praying for your bro! Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more!

Holly said...

Oh boy! Family drama! Maybe they can do each other some good, who knows. He'll def have to grow up some with kids around b/c then it doesn't become about yourself!! In addition to fall head of heels for this girl, he needs to do the same for her kids or I don't seeing it work.