Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas vacation

First, I need to apologize for my lack of posts.
Haven't had many chances to be online lately.

We just spent a week in PA and for the next 5 days we will be in Maryland.
Traveling can be really exhausting. Plus, when you add-in all those midnight snack breaks and trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.... well, I don't think any of us has gotten a full consecutive eight hours of sleep since being away from home.

But it's really nice to visit family and friends, and to spend time with everyone.

My kids are growing up and getting bigger.
It is really bittersweet to watch them grow so fast.
Aliah is still eating everything in sight.
As of 11 months old, she weighed 22 pounds.
It makes me sad that when people ask how old she is, I end up saying "almost one year old!" She isn't supposed to be that big - or at least it doesn't feel like it yet.

And then there's Hannah. She's such a smart girl. She can count to 40 or 50 on her own, and up to 100 with some help. So far her favorite Christmas gift is a Barbie... yeah, she's in that obsessed-with-Barbie stage that her father simply cannot stand.

Last night we ate dinner at an authentic mexican restaurant (I think my parents were feeling nostalgic for mexican food after their recent 10-day trip to Cancun). Mike and my parents had some really "good" (ie "really STRONG") margaritas, so I was the designated driver. Then we bought them a Christmas tree and drove it home by tying it on the top of our minivan. Good times.

Tonight we are having dinner with my parents and my mom's family.
Tomorrow... who knows?

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Lisa said...

Sounds like you are using lots of energy to do lots of fun things... how nice!