Monday, June 22, 2015

Still in the game

I just want to say that our licensing social worker is awesome. There are only 2LSWs in our county, and they work so hard to make sure each foster parent has all the resources they need, and each child is placed into a loving home.

Today we completed the paperwork to renew our foster care license. (This means we've committed to keep our house open to placements for at least 2 more years.) I had gotten everything signed at the end of April, but was waiting for my CPR and first aid cards to come in the mail.

We had a nice discussion. She joked with the kids and asked about how we were dealing with the loss of baby girl. Im glad that I have counseling resources on hand, and even more glad that we havent needed to use them!

I think our LSW -really- didnt want to go back to her office, because she also spent 20 mins playing in the backyard with the kids. The best part was when she climbed into the treehouse and slid down the slide! I took a picture of her. Wish I could post it. Hilarious.

The little guy has been asking me when we will have another little boy come to stay with us. Soon, I hope. I had a message from God, that we will get another long term placement by the end of August. ok, that might sound a little crazy, but thats what I was told.

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