Friday, September 12, 2014

dirty windows

To be honest, cleaning windows is something that I don't do very often.

I'm not great at scheduling household chores on a daily or weekly basis (or scheduling in general, for that matter. But that's another story). In fact, last week I swallowed my pride so that friends could minister to me by cleaning some of the more neglected, harder-to-reach places in my home. I thought it would be insanely uncomfortable, the idea of a friend coming over to clean my house.  ("I mean really, what does that say about me and my housework?! How will these people view me if they REALLY know how dusty and dirty it is under the stove?! Oh no, she is wanting to fold my laundry! She might see someone's undies! How embarrassing!!" etc. These were the thoughts in my head.) But despite my doubts and misgivings, I let them come over and help clean my house. It was like a cleaning party! All the kids helped too, wherever they could reach. And it wasn't really awkward or uncomfortable at all. It was good, all of us working together. Plus, I don't remember the last time my bathrooms smelled so nice :)

Anyway, back to the windows. My kids have special window markers, and we let them color all over the windows at our house. I have been known to leave their drawings and window stickers and other artistic tendencies up on the walls and windows for months or maybe a year or two at a time. But yesterday, I cleaned the windows and wiped off their artwork. Except... I just couldn't erase this one window pane.

The particular little person who drew this has made a big impression on me, and I can't seem to erase it until I know the direction that God has for them in the next chapter of their life.

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