Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crochet, our new favorite hobby. Free pattern included!

My oldest is sick, so we are spending a lazy Saturday at home in our pj's, watching movies and playing board games - which is a rare treat for my kids.

Around Christmastime, the 8yo and I began to teach ourselves how to crochet. At first we watched youtube videos to figure out what we were doing. Then we graduated to borrowing crochet books from the library. Now we are finding new patterns online. In February, I found my newest favorite crochet website,  They have so many good resources, patterns, and fun ideas there!

It is still somewhat difficult for the 8yo to read and understand patterns, so most of the time when she wants to make something, I still have to preview and decipher it for her. I made up this simple six-petal flower pattern because I had a hard time finding a flower pattern that doesn't include the triple crochet stitch - something that is still difficult for her.

So here it is:
Simple six-petal flower pattern
Row 1. Chain 6. ss to join in ring. (6 stitches total)
Row 2. 2sc in ea st. (12 total)
Row 3. (2sc, 3dc) rep. 6x. ss.
Row 4. (sc, ch4, sk 4, sc) rep. 6x. ss to join.

Congrats, you've made a flower!
You can use any hook size and any yarn. 
Experimenting with shape, size, and fabric is half the fun! Enjoy :)

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