Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shark Bite snow cones, etc.

Yesterday, if I was still a loyal facebooker, my status in the afternoon would have been something like "Pelican Snoballs rock; Noah just ate his first one." He also fell off a chair while I was taking a picture of one of the other kids, hit the pavement with his head, and somehow managed to split his lip open in two places.
Today he has a fat lip.

Diego and Hannah ate some kind of sour concoction called "Shark Bite", and Aliah stuck with her favorite the "princess" snowcone. We went to Hannah's doctor appointment looking like our faces and mouths had been dyed purple and blue. How appealing.

I have had a headache all day. I just fed the kids cereal and raisins for dinner. The little ones didn't complain at all. Hopefully we won't be nutritionally deficient or scarred for life because of this sub-par meal. I honestly hate to cook dinner. Especially when it's warm outside, like it is today (85 degrees here!).

Edited to add: Hannah is boycotting dinner and homework. Fun times.
She swings wildly between "Best Helper Ever" and "Worst Pre-Teen Drama-Queen Attitude".

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