Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Her favorite things

Our 13-month-old suddenly has an experienced palette, with very definitive, specific cuisine choices. Here are her new likes and dislikes... (I wish that I was smart enough to put these in a row/column format rather than just a list, but hopefully you get the idea).

Old: cooked carrots
Safe, easy-to-swallow.
New: raw baby carrot
Possible choking hazard!

Old: cheerios (boring!)
New: kix (round, fun, roll-able)

Old: Applesauce (no chewing required)
New: apple slices (also a choking hazard?)

Old: scrambled eggs (so last week)
New: hamburger (huge, juicy bites!)

Old: wearing a bib
New: smearing food on everything within reach

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