Friday, February 22, 2008

Letter for an Unborn Child

Oh sweet little baby, you were due this week. I wish you could be here.

You are not the first or the last of my unborn children, but I ache for each of you in the same way.

We only knew about you for a few days, but you were living in our hearts long before we ever learned that you existed. You were created with so much love... We wanted you to stay with us so badly that it hurt (it still hurts). But you slipped away so quickly that we never even got the chance to say hello or goodbye.

I'm so sorry that you never lived here on the earth, never got to meet your parents or your grandparents or your beautiful big sister. You never got to take your first breath, first bite, first steps, or say your first word.

Some people may think that you were just a bunch of cells, but to your daddy and me, you were just about everything. You were my dearest hopes and dreams, and all my secret wishes, filled with such strong love and devotion.

You were so so tiny, but we already loved you so very much. I would have done anything to keep you safe inside me. But that wasn't God's plan for you, was it?

You are not with us now, but you are safe from harm or pain, angel baby.
We miss you dearly, little one.

I love you, and I miss you every day.

Love, Your Mommy

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